Tutorial: Pouring technique on round canvas with Artix products

With this technique you can create dreamy designs on different surfaces to decorate your home. There are so many pouring techniques available that it may seem difficult to know where to start, that’s why we have prepared a very simple tutorial to get you started today.

What you will need to follow this pouring technique tutorial:

Tutorial: Pouring Technique

The first thing you need to do is prepare your workspace. I used a plastic bag to cover my surface, so we make sure we don’t stain anything.

Let’s continue by preparing all the paints we are going to use. To do this, we will use the same amount of acrylic paint as medium, that is, if we use two plugs of paint, we will put two plugs of medium. To this we add a splash of baby oil and mix it well.

When we have the 3 colors ready, we are going to prepare the canvas. So that the paint can move perfectly on the whole canvas, we will have to impregnate it with the acrylic medium.

And now the magic begins. In a clean glass, we are going to pour a splash of each color, one on top of the other without mixing them and when we have it all, we are going to pour it on the canvas. Now it’s time to play a little with the design, we are going to spread the paint all over the canvas without touching it.

This is the part I like the most because we never know how it will look exactly, the only thing we know is that it is a technique that always leaves a beautiful result.

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You can make all the color combinations you want and use it on any surface. In this case I have used a canvas, but you could paint on a vase, on cardboard letters and you can even create your own cell phone case with the pouring technique.

If you prefer, click to see the video tutorial