In Main Paper we have more than 5,000 high quality references in stationery products, crafts, fine arts and school supplies, distributed in 6 own brands.

MP is our main brand, in it we include all products of paper, writing, school supplies and office supplies.

We have thousands of products that are kept up to date with the latest trends and the needs of our customers.

Under the MP brand, you can find everything from pens, markers and correctors to erasers, scissors and pencil sharpeners. MP branded products convey our three core values of quality, innovation and reliability.

Artix Paints is our brand dedicated to fine arts. Everything you need to make artwork, whether you are an amateur, student or professional, you can find it in Artix Paints.

From the pad you need to draw or paint, brushes and paints for all kinds of techniques, to easels and canvases.

Let your imagination run wild and express your creativity in every sketch or fine art project. Artix Paints will provide you with everything you need to stimulate the ability to express your emotions in each work.

As we know that crafts occupy a large space in the daily lives of many people, we also develop products dedicated to this area. Here you can find all kinds of materials to develop craft and scrapbooking projects.

Albums, decorated ribbons, stencil sheets and even silicone and heat guns to give the final touch to your designs.

Fun is guaranteed both at home and at school, a whole world of color and possibilities that will make you spend unforgettable moments.

MP is also dedicated to the creative development of the youngest members of the family. Within this brand you can find markers, crayons, modeling and different types of paints for children and young people to unleash their artistic side.

MP provides everything necessary for the intellectual development of children and gives comprehensive support to schools in the educational task.

Each product has been conceived with all those little creative artists in mind.

At MP, we also have a brand dedicated to designing backpacks and cases that cover all age groups, from preschoolers to youth and adults. This brand is SamPack and you will find a wide variety of products that combine practicality and functionality with design.

Finally, in a stationery company you can’t miss the paper and all this line of products can be found in our brand, Cervantes. We offer a wide variety of notebooks and agendas in different sizes and colors to suit the needs of any person.

Soft and hard cover notebooks, white, lined and gridded pages, as well as annual and school agendas designed for use at school, in the office and in daily life.