Thickness Staplers, larger office supplies.

When it comes to office supplies, size does matter when you have a lot of documents to organize!

Thick staplers are high capacity staplers with a much larger size than standard staplers.

They’re perfect for stapling large quantities of sheets with very little effort!

The design of our thick staplers is robust and ergonomic.

You can find them in two discreet colors: black or white. So your workplace will look perfect.


Look how many advantages our coarse staplers offer you! They are the stars of office supplies, but they are also great for use in print shops, copy shops and for anyone who needs to make intensive use of them.

Discover the main features of our coarse staplers:

  • They are made of metal, as well as their mechanism, thus ensuring their durability.
  • You can reload quickly thanks to its top-loading staples.
  • It allows you to choose the type of stapling, open or closed, that best suits you at the moment.
  • Adjustable depth guide.
  • It has a long stapling length: 45mm from the edge of the sheets on PA634 and PA635, and 50mm on PA635 and PA635-1.


You can staple up to 100 sheets with hardly any effort – save time and energy for the things that really matter!

In our office supplies the PA634 coarse staplers have a stapling capacity of up to 100 sheets. If you still need more capacity, don’t worry, here are the PA635 and PA635-1 staplers, with which you can staple up to 200 sheets.


The PA635 stapler is your best office supply ally for stapling a large volume of documents without difficulty! With its ergonomic handle, it is a safe choice for jobs that require stapling large quantities of documents, saving up to 60% of effort!

Staples can be chosen according to the volume of sheets to be stapled. For example, if you want to staple up to 20 sheets, use the 23/6 staples. If you need to staple 200 sheets you will need 23/23 staples.

Nuestras grapadoras de gruesos PA634 y PA634-1 utilizan grapas metálicas: desde el 23/6 hasta el 23/13.

The high capacity staplers PA635 and PA635-1 are compatible with staples from 23/6 to 23/23.

Browse our online catalog now and discover the stars of our office supplies, the coarse staplers!