Squishy MP pens

The cutest and cuddliest pens you could imagine have arrived at MP. Surely you’ve heard of them, they are the Squishy pens and we have them in 9 super cute models.

Cuddly bolls

Our squishy pens are super squishy so you can squeeze them over and over again during those stressful moments.

9 different designs

They come in 9 different designs for you to choose your favorite or, why not, for you to collect them.

Find them in the shape of unicorn, carrot, cactus, piggy, rabbit, frog, cat print, mermaid and mouse..

Bolígrafos de gel suave

The ink is a soft blue gel ink and dries instantly. Their tip is 0.5 mm. and they have a useful life of up to 2 years!

So, besides being beautiful, they are ideal for writing all your notes.

Find them at stationery stores, bazaars and department stores.

Don’t miss this mini video where we show you some of our Squishy pens!

We also have Squishy Notebooks!


Which one is your favorite?