Introducing our modeling pastes are ideal for artists at home!!!! They are so easy to use and so clean that you only need to let your creativity run free!!! We have them in 250 gr. and 500 gr. packages, in white and natural colors.

Professional results, within the reach of every artist.

Just open the package and start molding with tools or with your own hands, it’s very simple and very clean, plus they do not smell and are not toxic.

They are perfect for use anywhere as they do not need to be fired, they harden in air and do not crack. Once dry they can be easily painted with various techniques. Develop your imagination and concentration…Get creative!

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✨Our multicolored novelty combines smooth writing and an ideal design✨.

❤️ 10 ideal colors in a single pen to write, draw …but most of all enjoy ❤️ With our novelty multicolor pens 0.7 mm you can use color codes and create amazing notes.

Which shape do you like best, they are all ideal, rainbows, cupcakes, or better unicorns?

Share your favorites and tell us which one do you like the most


❤️⁠ New in folders❤️⁠

Take them with you everywhere, look stylish and carry everything tidy and safe!!!!

Buy our lined cardboard folders with 4 A4 rings that include:

  • Refill of 100 sheets 90 g/m² Folio size with 5×5 grid with colored squares.
  • 5 dividers in fun colors
  • 1 envelope folder to keep your notes
  • a colored elastic band that will keep everything stored and safer.


Don’t know them yet? Try our erasable pens with heat-sensitive blue ink and experiment with a very fluid writing.

No more fear of making mistakes when writing. Write and erase as much as you want with its built-in eraser at the top.

You will also love its beautiful fantasy designs with tropical motifs, toucan, pineapple, sun or piña colada ?

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Enjoy our new products!⁠