Halloween Craft

Do you want to have a good time preparing this craft?!!!

Today we leave you a video tutorial for Halloween with materials and steps to follow so you can enjoy with the little ones of the house.

Cuadro encantado

Here are the materials✨.

For this we will need these free templates that you can download in the link below.

We will also need some scissors and glue.

We recommend for this Halloween craft our PP007 magic glue that paints purple and remains invisible when dry!

Step by step

We start by cutting out the templates of the drawings!

We will continue by cutting out the eyes where the black lines mark.

Take the second template and cut out where indicated on the template.

Then cut out the eyes.

Then fold the edges to form the box. If you want you can help yourself with a ruler, this ideal pink ruler is also flexible PL003B.

On the back of the part of the holes we will glue the drawings.

We will finish by gluing the ends to form the box of our Halloween picture.

Magic picture with moving eyes

Don’t you think we have a terrifying picture worthy of any Halloween party!

And this is how our 3D box with the Halloween characters would look like!

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