School is starting and a must-have basic is the school pencil case

We believe that there isa pencil case for every occasion, and that’s why we have a wide variety to offer you. But how to choose the one that best suits your needs

At MP we want to make your choice easier with a simple classification:

– Size does matter: Large or small? How many compartments? For backpack or handbag?

– For backpack or handbag?

Size does matter?

– Covid-19 school cases: with the new situation of prevention in the classroom, each child must carry their own material, so we recommend the simple cases for our basics: pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener and ruler. And then a large one with three departments in which to classify markers, colored pencils and glue and scissors.

– Aesthetics do matter: What message are we sending when we take out our pencil case. At MP we have case designs to suit the taste of any child or teenager. Single color cases, cases with eye-catching patterns, and school cases designed with unique characters.

Types of school cases

Basic school kits

Our basic cases are the all-rounders for the classroom. Practical due to their lightness and zipper closure that allow easy access to your paints. We have them round, square, triangular, soft or semi-rigid. Shockproof and resistant to school days.

Small School Cases

They are the perfect size to carry in your backpack or purse. Store and carry your essentials with you at all times.

Triple school cases


It is perfect to have all our material organized by departments. 3 departments and 3 zippers. Greater comfort for transport thanks to its side handle. We have them with three or with a single zipper, you choose!


Cases 3-Compartment

Model with 3 compartments. Classify your school supplies thanks to its large capacity. Zipper closure. Excellent quality.

Portatodo Cases

And what do you think about the portatodo! Their structure offers great versatility. One large case with two removable mini cases so you can carry them together or separately.

And what do you think of the portatodo!

MP organizer cases

If you have a hard time choosing what to carry in your pencil case then you need a pencil case that comes with two large capacity tiers perfect for transporting all your writing materials.

Pencil Holders

Transform in one simple movement your pencil case into a practical pencil holder. It also has an extra pocket on its base.

Trolley Cases

Back handle to be able to adapt it to the trolley!

Back handle to be able to adapt it to the trolley!

After seeing all these options, which school pencil case would you choose??

Would you prefer a basic pencil case for the essentials, a pencil case so you don’t leave anything behind, or maybe a pencil case to keep everything organized?

Visit our online catalog > paper > backpacks and cases and discover all the models of school cases we have available.

You can find all our products in shops, stationery stores, department stores and specialized stores.

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Which one is your favorite?